The roots of SAMS Group of Institution began 21 years back on September 7, 1997, when the world was undergoing a period of revolution in the hospitality industry. Embracing the dynamic world of big corporate hotels, luxury dining and leisure activities, today SAMS holds a well known name. Analyzing the focal point, Late Dr. Raj Kumar Singh envisaged the future requirements of qualified and well-educated professionals, with the vision of developing the finest hospitality management school in the world. We started off with a group of 7 students and a few teachers that grew up to 1600 students and over 100 faculty members after a successful span of 21 years. Being the world’s largest service sector industry, the hospitality and tourism industry has brought a number of opportunities for SAMS students and graduates.

In 2010, the institution began the polytechnic engineering section, so as to deliver refined technical education and encourage research and development in the engineering section. We focus on boosting the availability of proficient technical manpower for industries as well as to upgrade the level of technical education.

The institution owing to its highly professional attitude has managed to build up the reputation that generates strong leadership talent, simultaneously maintaining a close association with corporate partners, alumni, and students for many years. Over the years, the students have grabbed the top management positions in the industries and raising the bar of hospitality management and IT Industry.

SAMS development as an international hotel institution has paved the way for a professional career in the hospitality sector and a bright future of the students.

We feel proud to celebrate the growing spirit of SAMS’s faculty, alumni, students and industry partners for making these 21 years a success.