The library at SAMS Group of Institutions is an integrated center of knowledge resources and a treasure house of periodicals, magazines, books and journals covering the aspects of hotel management, business management, and engineering. Being an enriched source of knowledge, it is the center of attraction for students at SAMS. In addition, the library also houses the reference material required for an in-depth analysis and research on any topic of the hotel business and engineering domain to help them keep pace with the latest technology. Such an atmosphere motivates the students to spend quality time in the library keeping them involved thoroughly.

In order to keep resources updated, the collection is frequently replenished with books and resources. Students and faculty are encouraged for their contribution and suggestions towards the materials required for a better study. Faculty members also participate in suggesting and acquiring the reference materials.

The library is well-equipped with the latest educational software of refined quality and keeps a track on new software requirement as per the need. Currently, it makes usage of latest library software LibSys to manage and coordinate the issues and book submission. It also has the online access to the catalogs and reservation of books in order to enhance the facilities for the staff. The library at SAMS is being developed into a digital library with networking facilities to keep themselves at pace with the best libraries across the nation.

The library has enough space and a peaceful ambiance to provide students the right atmosphere to gain knowledge and to develop good skills.


SAMS Group of Institutions provides diversified computing facilities to the students, faculties, and staff. The institute has developed a special section to provide aid in the computing needs, The Information and Communication Technologies Division (ICT). The campus is well-equipped with various departments and libraries, which are connected with defined network of powerful PC’s and workstations to ensure efficient working. ICT provides support in its maintenance. This creates an advanced, distributed computing environment in the institute with twenty-four hours internet facility.

The computer facilities aids in running office applications, advanced scientific, mathematical, engineering and graphical applications or to develop original code. The students also get the benefit of using laptops on the network, making use of both hardwired and wireless connections.

Apart from providing computing services, ICT also offers a varied range of user assistance. Students can also seek help at the service desk that offers advice and information on the usage of Institute computing resources. The software shop situated in the campus sells a range of software at affordable and preferential prices.

The SAMS campus constitutes of computer rooms, well-equipped with the latest technology and a number of public access points in various positions around the college. At SAMS, we endeavor to deliver highly innovative, good quality and reliable services, which are vigilant towards the developing needs of the institution.


SAMS Group of Institutions strives to achieve the maximum potential of students and to make the most of their studies. We provide a wide range of support services to help the students. These services form a coordinated network of support, which is accessible to students responding immediately to their needs.

The student support at SAMS provides a wide range of services including advice on issues like finance and funding, entitlement to benefit issues. Administering extensive support to the students, they also provide access to learning funds and other hardship funds for the students. The support staff also fosters the induction arrangements for the new students and coordinates with departments located on and off campus on the affairs pertaining to the student experience.

The support staff also offers counseling services by organizing different counseling sessions like confidential, individual or group counseling sessions. They assist the students in their social, educational, personal or emotional concern. Thus relieving the students from the useless pressure and giving them an opportunity to feel relaxed.

The support system also has an Academic and study support section which comprises of a department that provides academic support to the students. There is also a range of general study-related assistance including workshops, groups, and web-based materials.

SAMS provides an overall development of the students and hence such support services work well in providing assistance to the students in all the fields.


The Hospitality Industry is growing at a faster pace and has emerged as a major source of career options for the students across the nation, who has undergone the appropriate training and education in this particular industry. At SAMS, we impart the skills required to make them better professionals. The Career Development Services in the institution are majorly involved in providing specialist activities pertaining to career planning. The assistance is provided to the students so that they can manage their career beyond graduation.

These services help the students develop essential job-hunting skills, which include developing an influential resume and the ability to impress at the interviews. In order to make the students aware of the current scenario, SAMS Group of Institutions organizes recruitment fairs and events enabling the students to have a face to face interaction with the employers and to get an idea about their vacancies and simultaneously apply for it.

We foster to deliver and arrange innovative skills workshops, providing interactive learning resources to assist the students in developing the skills required for the recruitment. The students can take up the career development work used in combination with employment and enterprise related modules to gain academic benefits for their final degree.The other section comprising of career development advisors assist in giving individual attention and guidance to the students to help them understand what they want from their future. The services are organized at SAMS with an aim of providing the best career and lifestyle of its students.

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