A state of the art conference room equipped with video conferencing facilities and hi-tech equipment to facilitate board meetings, conferencing, seminars, interviews etc. has been set-up at SAMS keeping in mind the inseparable need for such essential.

SAMS Front Office Lab is located on the ground floor in a well decorated lobby of international standard. This is considered as the first point of contact where guests are welcomed and honoured. Students are imparted knowledge on providing information, guest registration and billing the lab.

This training is very important for the students to develop their communication, social, operational and situationhandling skills. The Lab uses the latest IDS Hotel operation software for the front office training.

A 60 covers model training restaurant and a classic bar has been set-up on the first floor of the Institute to impart training of the highest standard and techniques of service in fine dining, buffets, banquets, coffee shop and gueridon services.

Three types of global standard production labs (BTK, ATK & QTK) serviced by agas bank and installed with latest equipment, gives an added advantage of handling the actual equipment at the practical level. Hands-on skills are imparted on international, national and regional cuisines.

SAMS has a separate bakery and confectionery lab for the students to prepare most exclusive and delicious gateaus, assortment of breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, muffins etc. as a part of their practical training at per with the industries requirements.

SAMS has well-equipped classrooms with overhead projectors, LCD & PA teaching system. Imported chairs with writing pads in the lecture theatre.

The campus of ‘SAMS’ Group of Institutions Varanasi, is spread over a sprawling area of 7 acre (2,96,205) sqft. of land with world class facilities and amenities.

Situated on NH-56 (Varanasi-Lucknow National Highway), 12 km from Varanasi Railway Station and 12 km from Varanasi International Airport.

The campus of ‘SAMS’ has been vouched by A.I.C.T.E.- GOVERNMENT OF INDIA as “The best Institute of Hotel Management in Northern India”.

It has separately laid out academic blocks, laboratories with most modern equipment, administrative block, restaurant, separate hostels for boys and girls, auditorium, staff quarters, guest house, play ground, and other facilities to make SAMS an ideal educational Institute.

Whatever your computing needs, the information and communication Technologies Division (ICT) looks forward to meeting them during your time at SAMS. ICT supports groups of powerful Pcs and workstations located in departments and libraries on all campuses. They are all networked to form an advanced, distributed computing environment with connections to the internet. They can be used to run office applications, sophisticated scientific, mathematical, engineering and graphics applications, or to develop original code. Facilities also exist for you to use laptops on the network, using both hardwired and wireless connections.

As well as providing computing services, ICT offers a broad range of user support. Our service desk offers help, advice and information on the use of Institute computing resources. The software shop sells a wide range of software at preferential prices.

SAMS has a hi-tech house-keeping lab with the latest machineries. This lab has a 50 kg. fully mechanized and automatic imported washing machine, hydro-extractor, drying tumbler, modern linen management trolley and ironing machine etc. for the Students to acquire a high standard of technical knowledge.

The lab is Incorporated with a fully furnished guests room, as per the standards of a starhotel, to expose students to the nuances of house keeping.

SAMS has an exclusive Food Science & Nutrition Lab for the students to work and research on the adulteration percentage and purity of ingredients used in the 30 course of preparation of international & national cuisines.

A separate physics lab is incorporated in the world class infrastructure of SAMS to introduce students with nuances of physics . This lab is equipped with meter bridge experiment kit , Optical Bench, Telescope, Resonance measuring apparatus, Apparatus to measure, spring constant and all other required instruments.

Institute’s Chemistry Lab is one of the best of its kind. It provides basic understanding of properties, composition, behavior and structure of matter. It features stations for Titration, Oven and Hot plate for study of temperature, electronic and chemical balance to weigh chemicals for making solutions.

Electronic Engineering Lab is designed to give in-depth practical knowledge of non-linear and active electrical components such as electron tubes and semiconductor devices,especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits. Utmost care is taken on the intricate details.

This lab features Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator for generating 0 Hz to 100 Hz signal, different IS transistors andcapacitors for familiarization.

SAMS has an exclusive Applied Mechanics Lab to work and research on the concepts of Applied Mechanics. Lab provide the support to examine the response of bodies or system of bodies to external forces. Lab has state-of-the-art equipment like the simple wheel & axle, complex wheel & axle, different pulley block, warm wheel, screw jack and various system of pulleys.

Civil Engineering lab of the Institute is designed to provide the required edge to the students to grasp
the knowledge of design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like bridges, roads, canals, dams, and buildings. Lab at SAMS is equipped with Spring Testing Apparatus, thickness gauge, density basket, metal measures and vibration monitoring equipment etc.

SAMS library is a treasure trove of resources. It contains a regular supply of periodicals, magazines and journals relevant to any hotel, business management and engineering student. In addition, it contains books that provide reference material to students for an in depth analysis and research on any aspect of the hotel business and engineering world. Conducive atmosphere and the abundant availability of resources motivates the students to spend quality time in the library.

Like the computer centre, the library is also frequently replenished with books and resources. Students are encouraged to contribute by making suggestions on material to be acquired. Faculty members play an important role in acquiring and suggesting reference material.

The library also contains educational software of the highest quality and acquires new software as and when required. It makes use of latest library software LibSys to manage the issue and submission of books. The library usage is facilitated by system of online access to the catalogues and reservation of books. It is being developed into a digital library with networking facilities developed with some of the best libraries of the country.

Electrical Engineering lab is created with the idea of giving specific exposure to the students. Lab provides adequate knowledge on subject of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to the students. Lab is equipped with Electrical Quantity Measuring Equipment, Magnetism and induction measuring trainer kit, Auto Transformer kit and other instruments required as per curriculum.

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